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Stack is a coworking lounge in an old autoparts warehouse.

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What We Have

Stack is full of as many of our favorite things as we can fit without making a mess.

The Best Local Coffee

We got our coffee from KLVN, our favorite local roaster, who brings us freshly roasted coffee straight from the roaster weekly. Our members are also known to bring back a bag to share from any recent travels or deliveries. We also make sure to have great teas and herbal infusions on hand.

Flexible and Mindful Workspace

All of our coworking space is open, expansive, and shared. This gives you the opportunity to work from a standing station, a communal table, a corner chair, a phone booth, or lay down on a couch. We hope that you will find a place at Stack that feels uniquely you. We also take care to disinfect surfaces daily and encourage members to follow current health guidelines.

Plants & Sunlight

We are pretty sure that the cure for the work-from-home-blues is a hearty dose of sunshine and the company of monsterous plantlife. We have collected strange and darling plant varietals that bathe in the light provided by our massive windows overlooking the Friendship neighborhood of Pittsburgh.


We've wrangled up blazing fast internet, a ceiling mounted projection setup, wireless audio, and a shared B&W laser printer. If there is something that you need to make the space better for you and our other members let us know and we'll try to find a way to make it happen.

About us

Stack is designed to be your home away from home. With a wide variety of workspace options, vaulted ceilings, perfect coffee, and a great community, you will find a place to call your own.

Why We Did This

We've spent years working from home and from coffee shops and decided it was time to put together the best possible work space we could. Once we started we realized that it made sense to share that space with anyone else who wanted to be a part of something new and exciting. We hope that you love this space as much as we do.

Who Can Work at Stack?

Anyone who can do their work on the run but wants a place to settle down can find a home at Stack. We welcome people from all backgrounds, disciplines, and encourage teams to come work here together. Our early members are creatives, social entrepreneurs, designers, programmers, builders, and small business owners. Bring your laptop, your phone, and let us take care of everything else.

Contact us

Send us a message to schedule a tour, inquire about events, press questions, or anything else.

5740 Baum Blvd. 3rd Floor
Pittsburgh PA, 15206